Stress at the workplace is one of the physiological factors of accidents at work

  • I. Yaroshovych
  • B. Tchaikovsky
  • B. Mykychak
  • T. Yaroshovych
Keywords: stress, employee, employer, health, occupational health, production, accidents, physiological accident, physiological factor, tension


Many people can not even draw the line between work and personal life, just as the last – is absent, complex economic situation throughout the world keeps the tension of ordinary workers, firm hold restructuring and organizational changes, to somehow survive the crisis and to stay afloat, reduce expenses, from here mass layoffs, unemployment, reducing financial stability. No wonder that these facts leave their imprint on the health of workers, and hence the stress in the workplace, reflected on his personal life. If you think the theme is not very important, then nothing. In fact, stress at the workplace – this is a plague of our time, which leads to a rather sad consequences and it should be fought. Currently, many workers are facing psychological and physical pressure, to match the today's employment rate. Here and physiological risks, such as the competition in the labor market, its constant growth, expectations from workers more and more high productivity and working hours, forcing the work literally at wear, all this contribute to the emergence situations of tension and worsen health. Today stress, associated with work is really recognized by a global problem and keenly interested in as researchers and psy-chologists, doctors and even politicians. The influence of stress on safety implementation of works for today is defined global problem, concerning the working people of all professions and occupations, as in developed countries and those in developing countries. Therefore it is important to unite and find mutually beneficial and really working solution. Stress in the workplace can undermine not only the health of the worker, but also the «health» of the entire company no worse than industrial accident, although this condition does not apply to professional diseases, but contributes to their appearance. A great pity that not yet invented «vaccine» from stress, which allows workers to be stable in any situation, however, good working conditions can be a panacea for confidence in the future and reducing psycho-emotional stress.


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