History of «Przegląd Weterynarski / Przegląd Weterynaryjny» journal enmirroring development of veterinary medicine, science and education

  • L.A. Lutsyk
  • S. Baran
  • L. Levytski
Keywords: «Veterinary Review» («Przegląd Weterynarski / Przegląd Weterynaryjny»), Lviv (Lwow), veterinary science and education, journals, editors


The occurence of a modern veterinary learning is dated back to the second-half of the 18th century, when the first veterinary school was constitued in Lyon (1762). The formation of schools, expansion of the veterinary staff and the tendency to improve knowledge, methods and means of animals' treatment, contributed to the development of scientific journals with veterinary contents. A veterinary periodical «Recueil de medecine veterinaire», published in 1824 in France, was the first magazine with these contents. The next one – English «The Veterinarian» (1828) and German «Zeitschrift für die gesammte Thierheilkunde und Viehzucht» (1834). Polish veterinary periodicals had come into existence rather late, not until the end of the 19th century. The first scientific veterinary periodical in polish was «Veterinary Review» («Przegląd Weterynarski / Przegląd Weterynaryjny»), published in Lviv in between 1886–1939. The article is describing the history of the «Veterinary Review» and the influence of its editors to the periodical's shape and the technical contents. Problems of the organizational and financial support of the periodical were also raised. They were associated with historical events: World War I, Polish-Ukrainian War, political transformations during this period and finally with the change of some editor's employment. In spite of these complications, preeminent scholars who were creating the periodical, had provided the scientific excellence and the international reputation for the «Veterinary Review». Altogether, as much as 1452 articles were published in between 1886–1939 on the pages of the «Veterinary Review». The activity of the periodical ended with World War II outbreak.


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