Modern research methods International Relations

  • M.M. Dzera
  • R.Y. Pasichnyy
Keywords: international relations, political analysis, forecasting, content analysis, document analysis, interpretation


International relations as a sphere of human coexistence covering political, economic, diplomatic, cultural and other ties and relations between actors that operate internationally. Because of such a large number of subjects and the importance of their relationship is necessary to analyze this sector in order to identify trends in their development and mutual influence between them. To study international relations most used scientific methods, but both of them and use special methodological approaches, due to the fact that world political processes have their own specifics are different from political processes unfolding within individual states. An important role in the study of world politics and international relations belongs instrumental observation techniques, including content analysis, document analysis, observation method reflected the political reality in the media. Using the above named methods becomes possible fixing and monitoring developments with further evaluation and establishing causation. Select individual research methods in the analysis of international relations, determined by the characteristics of the task, so with the aim of research training public perception of powerful solutions in the political arena, pay attention to methods such as analysis of documents and their content, method of illumination and interpretation in the media . Political analysis involves a systematic assessment of political reality and viability of alternative policies, which tend to have a form of political documents. The study of relevant documents gives researchers important information about the foreign policy of countries and their development trends, the reasons for acceptance of foreign policy decisions in a given international situation. However, study of topical international problems, this method has several disadvantages. As part of the documents may be closed nature, due to the state secret, a researcher operating with only open sources and not having all the information about the scenario of the international situation, can make the wrong conclusion.


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