The influence of physiological and physical factors on the structure of professional training of students of bio-technology faculty

  • B.S. Semeniv
  • M.М. Stahiv
  • I.D. Yakymyshyn
  • T.G. Prystavskyi
  • A.L. Kovban
Keywords: physical education, profile physical training, students, psychological, physiological, physical quality, activity, status


Specialized physical preparation is considered as one of the areas of physical education, which will develop applied knowledge, the physical, mental and special properties and skills, providing an objective readiness of a person to a successful professional career. Special attention in learning skills and adaptation of the organism of the young man in the profession is a special means of physical culture, which contains the transfer of physical qualities and motor skills, which is one of the important issues in the theory of physical education. The transfer of physical qualities and motor skills should be understood as the effect of exercise on those or other human activities. In every physical action it is possible to allocate its main side, which is the predominant manifestation and the development of certain qualities and skills. Specially designed methods of physical training can train the psychological and physiological mechanisms that determine the functional ability of a person in the process of his work. The task of physical education is to skillfully and intentionally use a special physical training to improve health professional.


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Semeniv, B., Stahiv, M., Yakymyshyn, I., Prystavskyi, T., & Kovban, A. (2017). The influence of physiological and physical factors on the structure of professional training of students of bio-technology faculty. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series "Economical Sciences", 19(76), 129-135.