Business and its social responsibility

  • A.M. Shulskyi Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: business, social responsibility, social subjects, economics, development, profit growth, profitability corporation


The article is a study of the functioning of business in modern conditions, focusing special attention on its social responsibility. For opening the prevailing theme draws theoretical developments on social responsibility, the interpretation of their nature and significance in various areas of public relations, the views of Western scholars on the peculiarities of doing business with emphasis on its development in the advanced countries and so on. For a deeper penetration into the nature and content of the problems raised used different methods and approaches to the study of the phenomena studied, among which an important place is given to dialogue method of investigation. Its essence is that we have generated specific questions and answers discovered in specific scientific studies. This approach allows us to determine the essence of the problem raised areas and its solution. At the same time drawn attention to the comparison operation of two systems: the former socialist and capitalist today upgraded and their desire to build a socially just society. Builders of Communism showed a great desire to achieve this, but these aspirations were well-intentioned, but not practical result is that modern capitalism begin to implement basic principles of social responsibility. How and when it will be able to reach them, then time will tell. It is because of these circumstances experiment.


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