Farming – the origins of development: the zonal dimension

  • M.G. Shulskyi Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: farms, natural areas, agricultural land, arable land, production, workers


This article presents the study of farms in the Lviv region, taking into account the zonal aspects of their development. The main purpose of this publication is to attract researchers and practitioners to study the processes of influence of environmental factors on the development of agricultural production. The basis of these studies used statistical materials farming activities in the context of natural areas in the Lviv region: Polesie, forest-Steppe, Foothill and Mountain areas. The study used traditional methods of economic research, the method of theoretical studies, economic and statistical analysis, monographic, analysis and synthesis, and others. As a result of studies found that farms of various natural zones operate a different number of farms (tabl. 1), they use different size plots of land (tabl. 2, tabl. 3), they occupied unequal number of working (tabl. 4). All of this together revealed certain trends and patterns of forming these farms, which are the foundations of development. The findings emerge from the study and characterize the different signs of becoming farmers, taking into account aspects zone. To substantiate the effects and to answer the question why this was so and not otherwise? It is necessary to carry out further research on the chosen topic.


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