Consisting and basic tendencies of distributive policy of pork production enterprises in Lviv area

  • V. Chemerus
  • V. Dushka
  • V. Maksym
Keywords: distributing, realization, pork, enterprise, price


One of key constituents of process of recreation there is distributing of products. Forming of effective distributive policy for the pig breeding industry enterprises is a difficult task which must take into account a lot of factors from internal and external environment. The market of pork in Lviv Area is characterized by the high degree of concentration. Distributive policy of enterprises, which grow hogs formed mainly without mediators which are characteristic trait for industry. Over 11,1 ths. tons of pork in 2015 are processing in own production capacities of the regional enterprises. The basic distributive channel of pig sales are meat processing enterprises from Lviv Area and nearby areas, other firms of industry and households. The less developed channel of realization is a sale of products in own sale points chain. Sales of pigs from agricultural enterprises in Lviv Area during 2012–2016 are characterized by a growing dynamics. In the structure of bulk of pig sales over the main channels of distribution prevails a tendency to growth sales from regional producers on meat processing enterprises. The average annual rate of sales growth on this channel exceeded 4%. A dynamics change in cost of sales over main channel is one of basic factors, which forms the distribution policy of industrial hog production enterprises. During research period purchase prices on hogs grow up on the average on the third. Important tasks for enterprises, which grow pigs, there is diversification of sale thorough different channels of sale by a collaboration with a few meat processing enterprises, with the purpose of minimization of commercial risks and also the development of own sale points chain and sales of living pigs for a slaughters and pig lings for rural area households in local markets. It is economic validity decision to apply distributive strategies which are based on a collaboration with the maximal quantity of being in charge agents after every direction of sale the large producers of pork, with the purpose of diminishing of distributive risks on the basis of expansion the potential sale markets.


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