The current state and development prospects of the global poultry meat market

  • S. Sendetska Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: poultry meat, the world market, production volume, export, import, broiler meat


This article considers that the poultry meat production is the livestock industry which has the world's highest rates of production volume growth over the past ten years compared with other sectors of animal husbandry. Assuming current trends to be continued in 2020 it will be produced about 93.4 million tons of broiler meat in the world but it still will remain in the second place comparatively to the production volume of the pork meat. It is determined the world's largest producers of broiler meat which are USA, Brazil, China, European Union countries, India. Together they produce more than two-thirds of world production of this type of product. In this ranking Ukraine occupies the 19th place of production volume that is more than 1.05 million tons according to data of 2016. It is shown that the main broiler meat exporters are Brazil, the United States, European Union countries, Thailand and China. By 2016 they exported 9843 thousand tons of meat products. The largest exporter is Brazil which exports about 30% of the whole production. The US exports 16–19%. The feature of the US poultry market is high popularity of the turkey meat besides to the chicken meat. Also the US mostly consumes the white chicken meat and exports the dark chicken meat. It is also determined that the largest importers of the broiler meat in the world market is Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia. Ukraine occupies the 7th place of export volume of the broiler meat in the world. Ukrainian producers increased export of the poultry meat by almost 80 thousand tons in 2016. The main supply vector was directed to the Asia-African market. Ukrainian imported volume of the poultry meat is also increased slightly more than on the 20th thousand tons. Ukraine mainly imports cheap low-quality production.


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