Actual problems of farms formation

  • O. Salamin Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: farms, farm family type, government support for farmers, market environment, the infrastructure of the agrarian market, distribution channels, agricultural holdings, the advantages of large companies, volatility of prices, market adaptation of compan


The reasons that hinder the formation and development of farms Ukraine are analyzed. The main ones are aborted agricultural market, problematic finding alternative distribution channels basis, the high volatility of prices, exclusive influence on the formation of which are intermediary organizations. The market is not taught nor predicted. Farms cannot realize the benefits that are as soon as possible, compared with large enterprises, to adapt to the current market environment. Trend transfer land farm enterprises in sublet agricultural holdings. Competitive advantages of large farms achieved through economies of scale. They use high-performance hardware. Narrow attracted qualified specialists. Existing collateral, making affordable loans. Better logistics operations are carried out. Due to technical and technological advantages achieved higher crop yields and animal productivity, lower production costs. Out of sight fall disadvantages of large enterprises in a changing market environment. Such enterprises difficult to get re in constant price changes and market conditions. For such a redevelopment of large enterprises require a significant amount of money and a long period of time. Agriculture is inherently multifunctional. Apart from food security to its functions include creating jobs in rural areas, conservation of the peasantry, promote economic and social development of rural areas. Development of ahroholdynhiv not solved any of these functions. To enhance the creation of farms and the revival of a family nature divide in Ukraine provides for the possibility of registration of small farms without acquiring legal status. But this is not enough. The necessary preconditions enhance farmers' movement is to create conditions for the effective operation of such facilities. Historically, in most economically developed countries, such problems that currently exist in Ukraine, creation of marketing cooperatives resolved, wholesale agricultural markets in the field of production, where appropriate, government regulation of prices.


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