Formation of marketing activities in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

  • S. Poperechnuy Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: marketing, agricultural market, market infrastructure, market research, marketing product policy, marketing channels, price, market generation prices


The conditions and opportunities of marketing of agricultural enterprises are analyzed. It is shown that marketing activities on the basis of systematic agriculture today most economically developed countries arose as a way to counter monopolistic tendencies in the procurement of products. To do this, set up marketing cooperatives. On the basis of cooperative formed the infrastructure of agrarian market was founded. In conjunction with state regulation of prices overcome the crisis. In Ukraine, the most established marketing cooperatives operate formally. They can’t provide all stabilization methods of state regulation of prices after 1991. Prices are variable. Due to the high risk is not issued bank loans. Funds are not invested in the field of long-term return on investment capital. Human resources companies mostly insufficient for research and market forecasting. Information on the results of such studies by government agricultural research institutions and not transferred to farms. Without such information it is impossible to develop and implement a reasonable commercial policy. State financial support only partly compensates for ineffective decisions entities in this regard. Significant differentiation trend farmers in size with ousted medium-sized enterprises. Large companies form their own distribution channels focused on products and expert external market prices, which are stalishymy compared to the purchase prices for agricultural products in Ukraine. The main producers of many products are individual farms, where production costs are not defined and are smaller than farms sensitive to factors of market environment. The necessity of priority direction of state support for the formation of the agricultural market, its infrastructure, enhance the generation of market prices. Such support is more resulted than direct government financial support.


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