Features of development of the meat poultry farming in the agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

  • R.M. Muniv Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
  • I.V. Voronuy Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: poultry farming, agricultural enterprises, poultry heads, poultry meat


In the last few years in the agricultural enterprises of poultry industry there is growth of poultry heаds and chicken broilers meat production. Main reason of this development is a rapid production and good his recoupment. In Ukraine annually put in an operation or poultry factories are reconstructed at the greatest technological level, which provides permanent growth of poultry population, which in 2016 was 112008.7 ths. heads. During January-October 2016 in Ukraine 1846.7 thousands of tons of all kinds of meat (in for slaughter weight) were produced by all categories of economies. In relation to an index last year a production rose on 0.8% (+14.1 thousand of tons). Agricultural enterprises produced 1236.8 ths.t, that higher index for analogical period of 2015 on 2.8% (+ 34.0 ths.t). The production of poultry meat in 2016 will be made by 1.165 million tons in for slaughter weight. It on 3% more than in the past year. 920 thousand tons from this volume will produced in industrial farms. On January-October 2016 by the agricultural enterprises of Ukraine it was realized on a backwall 1084.3 thousands of tons (living weight) of all kinds poultry meat. From it is realized broilers of 1030.0 ths.t, that on 2.6% (+25.8 ths.t) higher index last year. Average costs of realization 100 kg of living mass of poultry during 2016 hesitated and to a great extent depended on the terms of sale and ductings of realization. Difference between maximal (May is 39.27 UaH/kg) and minimum (February is 30.07 UaH/kg); 4.79 UaH/kg is the average cost of living mass of poultry in Ukraine during 2016 year. Development of the poultry farming industry status in Ukraine testifies that as a result of investing and rapid increase of poultry meat production volumes took place at the maintenance rates of growth production and volumes in the nearest years an internal market will be fully saturated and possibility of exportation the poultry farming products will appear in other countries.


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