Theoretical aspects of integration processes in the agricultural sector based clusters

  • D. Yeremenko Tavria State Agrotechnological University
Keywords: cluster, agro entrepreneurship, integration processes, competitiveness, farming, innovation, and staffing


The article is devoted to analysis of theoretical approaches concerning the formation of integration relations in the agrarian sector of Ukraine's economy with the help of clusters. The author notes that at the moment has a number of interpretations of the concept «cluster» established in the scientific and regulatory dimensions. Despite some differences in wording, an essential component of any cluster are the subjects of entrepreneurial activity who are trying to raise the level of competitiveness of production due to optimization of the system of intereconomic communications, increasing the level of efficiency of the available resource potential, introduction of scientifically grounded technical-technological and organizational solutions. That is why the basis of any cluster should be representatives of the business community operating in the region, and its competitiveness is the criterion of efficiency of functioning of the cluster as an integrated structure. The article notes that the development of integration structures on the basis of cluster associations is to increase the level of competitiveness of subjects of agrarian entrepreneurship. The author notes that the vast majority of the positive aspects of the process associated with improving the quality use of available resource potential, primarily due to access to modern technological solutions and adapting them to the conditions and requirements of a particular region and entity. The article notes the need to create agricultural innovation clusters, the basis for which should be regional research and training centers. The author substantiates the following directions of cooperation between scientific and business communities: development of exclusive technological schemes of the organization of competitive production or adaptation according to the needs of a particular economy; optimization, theoretical and methodological supply of the study of modern features of development of agricultural production, given its mixed character; training of specialists for organization of effective business activity, given the specificity of small and medium agricultural businesses and agricultural enterprises of family type on the basis of a high level of marketability; monitoring the processes of regional development of agricultural production with the aim of identifying the main trends in the functioning of the industry.


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