Assessment of economic development and trends beef cattle lviv region

  • A.V. Hrymak Lviv State University of Internal Affairs
Keywords: market, beef cattle, agriculture, trends, economic assessment


Given in article research results provide information about the situation on the beef cattle production, and factors that promote or hinder the development of the industry. Revealed some inconsistencies in the procurement, processing, pricing, demand for the products of industry, consumer behavior, the removal of which will improve the actual state and stabilization of beef cattle. In turn, changes in the regulatory provision is not yet fully evident at the completion of the beef cattle market environment. An essential condition for effective management in beef cattle is active markets, the benefits-term relationship. Industrial and economic ties in meat subcomplex AIC should be based on the work of mutual co-production stages in raw and processed meat consumption of finished products as well as creating integrat-Rowan production units. One of the decisive factors in the progressive development of beef cattle industry is increasing and forage breeding nucleus. The relationship between agricultural producers and processing enterprises, we should be based on objective and reasonable pricing, which would exclude the price disparity in the relationship beef sub APC members.


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Holovne upravlinnia statystyky u Lvivskii oblasti. Statystychni dani (in Ukrainian).

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