Perspectives in the agricultural sector integration with the EU

  • R.S. Grabovskyi
  • O.O. Dadak
  • Y.М. Muzychka
  • R.P. Dudyak
Keywords: market agricultural products, the European Union, competitiveness, exports, macro factors, certification, quotas


The article analyzes the prospects for increased exports of domestic products of the agricultural sector in the European Union and the possibility of expanding the domestic marketing of agricultural products in the market. Feature of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU is the abolition of duties on most exports, the introduction of tariff quotas. The successful solution of problems of European integration agrarian sector of Ukraine has enough prerequisites: rich in natural resources and export potential, significant human capital, gradually increasing the investment attractiveness saved the rural way of life and old traditions of farming. The publication presents an algorithm of actions, which makes it possible to establish cooperation with foreign partners and specified areas of improving the efficiency of agricultural production. The basic groups of food products that compete with domestic products in domestic and foreign markets as a result of simplifying the conditions for trade between Ukraine and the European Union. The main domestic export products are corn, sunflower seed oil, animal feed, fertilizer. is corn, sunflower seed oil, animal feed, fertilizer. The article describes the conditions that must be met for the sale of products for export to the EU. Owing to ensure quality and safety of our products to European standards for domestic agricultural producers will be able to effectively compete in the market of the European Union. As access to the market of the European Union can be obtained after passing certification procedures and obtaining appropriate permits.


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Grabovskyi, R., Dadak, O., Muzychka, Y., & Dudyak, R. (2017). Perspectives in the agricultural sector integration with the EU. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series "Economical Sciences", 19(76), 35-38.
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