Theoretical aspects of the system human resource management enterprise

  • K. Hirnyak Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies named after S. Gzhytskyj
Keywords: theory, system, management, labor, employment potential, staff, concept, person, activity, business


In the article the theoretical aspects of human resources management company. It was determined that production personnel in our time has become a resource that is essential to the modern capital of which depends on the success and prosperity of the company. Indicating that characterize labor working-age population and is an important element of the economic potential of Ukraine. The effectiveness of the system of enterprise workforce management as part of a performance of the whole enterprise. Posted purpose of the article is a generalization of theoretical approaches to understanding human resource management company. Determined that workforce management – actions aimed at creating a comprehensive and efficient use in various industries to improve the economic and social situation of the country. Human Resource Management is targeting to operate at the state level, which in turn develops a set of regulations to improve the distribution and use of human resources. Proposed and considered modern concept of «labor resource», «employment potential» and «staff», and then transition into the definition of «human resources management». Posted workforce management, as an activity aimed at developing skills of employees for their continuous growth and progress. In theory and practice of modern management shows a fundamental change in perceptions about the role of the labor factor in the economic system. A running human resources to understand policies, aimed at the development of human potential, the strategic goal of business and obtaining high economic performance of the organization.


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