State enterprise in rural green tourism Ukraine and abroad

  • I.V. Vlasenko Vinnitsa Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: village, rural green tourism, the price, quality, hospitality, leisure, ahrooselya market services


The article discusses the development of green tourism in rural areas. This type of holiday is the most democratic pricing. Tourists are attracted convenient settlements, current private pensions, closeness to nature, the ratio of price / quality, hospitality and homely atmosphere with recreation. As a result of studies found that in Ukraine rural green tourism in the initial stages of its formation and development, and entrepreneurship in this area still belongs to risky activities. A role in the functioning and development of green tourism plays Union to promote rural green tourism in Ukraine. The article shows that the Union for Promotion of Rural Green Tourism in Ukraine approved the program of voluntary categorization in green tourism «Ukrainian hospitable mansion». The paper shows that the proposed sign «Ukrainian hospitable mansion» is assigned ahrooseli reports of potential consumers of services of appropriate quality housing and service levels and enables farmers to set fee. This sign is given by the Union to promote rural green tourism and can be used as a marketing tool. In the analyzed statistics on rural green tourism is noted that in the Volyn region, where the Shatsky Lakes, which is the main place of summer vacation, 2751 provided services to tourists, and nine ahroosel Cherkasy region visited only 289 tourists. In 2015, the undisputed leader in the provision of services of green tourism remains Ivano-Frankivsk region, which visited – 16.903 tourists. In Bukovina village has 75 private estates, are engaged in eco-tourism. Their number has increased compared to the year 2015 mynulym – 26 units. However, in Ukraine in 2015 compared to 2013 the number of businesses in this area decreased by 52 ahrooseli, including by entities that are located in the annexed Crimea. In some areas, particularly Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kherson, ahrooseli ceased operations (including – 6 estates), that these areas, according to official statistics, disappeared from the map of green tourism in Ukraine. In sex shows that foreign leaders to implement green tourism services are France and Spain, where rural tourism has emerged in highly profitable and lucrative sector of the economy and reached the level of international economic specialization. In sex also revealed that the market of services of green tourism in Ukraine has a number of shortcomings to be addressed in the near future if Ukraine plans to further European integration.


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