Marketing management of economic-mathematical modeling methods

  • Т.І. Burceva
  • T.A. Palonna
  • А.О. Bokovnya
Keywords: marketing, marketing management, enterprise analysis, planning model, method, simulation, economic and mathematical modeling, mathematical methods, optimization, forecasting, decision-making


The article noted that marketing is one of the main areas of modern business. The growing role of marketing in the enterprises management and the necessity to ensure effective methods of marketing management were stated. The importance of mathematical modeling in marketing management, to ensure the management decisions and solving problems of marketing was emphasized. The analysis of the main methods of economic-mathematical modeling and directions for their use in marketing management of enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of marketing services were given. They make it possible to assess the prospects of market size, to determine the most rational marketing strategy and appropriate steps of possible competitors, to estimate the optimum marketing costs needed to get the profit. For large-scale implementation in enterprises of modern economic and mathematical modeling methods of marketing situations needed a way to implement the results of marketing analysis. Therefore, it Aktual scientific challengefavor the development and implementation of modern software to solve complexproblems of basic marketing information system.


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BurcevaТ., Palonna, T., & BokovnyaА. (2017). Marketing management of economic-mathematical modeling methods. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series Economical Sciences, 19(76), 15-18.
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