• I. Vlasenko Vinnitsa Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Cathedral Str., 70, Vinnitsa, 21050
Keywords: chickens Broilers meat production, economic grounds, human resources, poultry, socio–economic revival of the village


The revival of the agricultural sector is rightly associated with the development of high–tech, competitive and profitable agricultural sector, formation of new organizational structure and its agricultural market infrastructure. However, this revival also involves overcoming of social decline of the village.

For this propose mechanisms of reorganization of the agricultural land to carry out the principles of «agricultural renaissance». While using such legal form of business, agricultural holdings actively raising capital through the issuance and placement of shares on foreign stock exchanges, which can not afford other forms of agribusiness.

As a result of the capitalization of agriculture enterprizes dominant direction for capital injections into the industry from other sectors of the economy are having a new type of business that were not inherent in domestic practice. Therefore, at present there is an urgent need to study the issue of domestic modern model of agriculture, agro–industrial units determine where in the context of a new type of eco – economic agrosphere land.

The studies found that one cause of the negative situation in the agricultural domain is the limited employment opportunities in rural areas. Restructuring, future development of agrosphere remain poorly understood. The new policy in agrosphere reorganization should focus around three main aspects: a) competitiveness b) restoration of land resources) the rich countryside and the quality of life in rural areas. For this purpose the mechanisms of reorganization of the agricultural land to carry out the principles of «agricultural renaissance» was established. It is introduced the principle of agrarian renaissance – socio–economic recovery or «economic areas of the territories» become a kind of «points of growth» for agrarian economy, since they are able to master the abandoned land. This ground for growing broiler chickens are Trostyanetskiy and Tulchyn areas near localities where farm labor draws and passes socio–economic revival of the village. It is planned to master 26 sites for growing broiler chickens at 33.8 million broilers. The introduction of modern technologies of poultry allowed to increase competitiveness, as a partial revival rural life and managed efficiently learn the local land resources.



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