• V.L. Dyndyn Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyi
Keywords: efficiency, agriculture, dairy cattle, herd of cows, cow productivity, approach of the systems


Agriculture as a separate sector of the economy is a priority and important areas of any state. The nature of its development undoubtedly depends the food security of the country and the nature of the indicators of the national economy in particular. After all, the main economic purpose of any economic formation that is an integral part of the holistic system of the industry providing rotten food of the population in their required amount, the creation of jobs, as a consequence, leads to improved employment, the formation of a developed market infrastructure (production, storage, processing and realization of agricultural products). One of the leading players of agriculture is molokoprodukty subcomplex, in particular dairy cattle. The main aim of branch of dairy cattle breeding is the production in the required amount of milk and dairy products. Features of milk, as a food product due to its chemical composition and properties of the individual components which provide high biological value. Milk is a unique food product that is still not synthesized in the world. In composition it can't compete no one of food products.

Unfortunately, in today's environment, this mission is not entirely performed by most businesses in Lviv region. The problems existing in the industry almost took on a systematic character, whose solution requires a comprehensive approach. The results of our work is to study the nature of development of dairy cattle breeding in the region and identify the reasons hindering the development of the industry.



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