• O.T. Dyak Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies named after S. Gzhytskyj
Keywords: livestock industry, poultry, poultry development, economic efficiency, intensification of production, innovation, innovation process, entrepreneurship, impact innovation


A strategic priority for social and economic development of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation is to increase food security through increased food production. When addressing this question, the poultry industry has become one of the most economically attractive and commercially viable agribusiness is in Ukraine, the traditional agricultural sector, aided by climatic conditions and development of grain farming. However, in agro–industrial production of Ukraine studied the industry remains problematic. Conducted the study the analysis of the current state of development of the industry shows that in General in Ukraine there is a positive development of the poultry industry, there is a tendency to increase the number of poultry, production of poultry meat and egg production. But despite the positive trends in poultry farms there still remain a number of problems such as the instability of state support, pricing policy, tax burden, insufficient feed base, poor quality products, and the like. Therefore, the main directions of development of poultry farming should be: the formation of new and the revival of the former specialized complexes for production of poultry products on an industrial basis, the basis of fuller use of the genetic potential of crosses and breeds of birds, the rational organization of labor and production, the introduction of resource–saving technologies of production, the deepening processing of poultry raw materials, expansion of assortment and improvement of quality of products.



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Agriculture: the Department of statistics in Lviv region, available at:

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Economic efficiency of production and agricultural products alteration