• O.V. Kindrat Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyi
Keywords: information technology, information systems, enterprise management software, performance, prospects, IT technology, development, implementation


The article analyzes the state of modern information technologies on enterprises. The current conditions of the market environment indicate that the company is under the influence of factors related to the development of technologies to simplify the work with large amounts of information. The intensification of innovation processes, development of information technologies significantly reduce the time for gathering and processing information. New economic relations require the use of large amounts of information and operational calculations provided by modern information technologies and systems. This article examines the problem and the need for using information technology to improve the performance of enterprises. It is shown that the effective use of modern information technology to support software and business process modeling is becoming a decisive competitive advantage in current market conditions. That effectiveness of implementation and use of information technology is one of the main factors influencing the increase of competitiveness achieved by increasing the degree of flexibility and the use of economic potential. Exactly efficiency of introduction and use of information technologies is one of basic factors, that influence on the increase of level of competitiveness that is achieved by increasing the degree of flexibility and the use of economic potential. It is analysed, that on the way of introduction of information technologies enterprises are faced with problems of organizational, economic, technical, social and other nature. Reviewed the automated systems of enterprise management, presented on the Ukrainian market.



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