• S.V. Korobka Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyi
Keywords: corporation, participant’s relations, corporate governance, corporate law, dividends, efficiency, corporate governance problems, ways of further development


Corporations, at the present stage of development of our country can become one of the most powerful and effective tools for managing modern business processes. The key to not only the investment attractiveness, ah guarantee the effective functioning of enterprises in an increasingly competitive, is the effectiveness of corporate governance, and therefore the problem of improving corporate governance is an increased interest not only from the domestic business, legislative and executive power, but the domestic economic science.

Studies confirm the fact that corporate governance is a complex process that combines organizational, legal, economic, motivational, social, psychological and other mechanisms. Effective management enables corporations to do business in new, by improving the financial performance of the company due to the higher productivity (profitability) of capital investment, mobilizing capital for faster project execution than competitors. Criteria for effective corporate governance can Previews two general components: a significant proportion of intangible assets, which leads to the increase of the value and investment attractiveness of the market; guaranteed availability disciplinary control over the work of top–managers.

The process of corporate governance covering all participants interested in the development of corporations, each of which has its own interests. Improving corporate governance system improves the efficiency of organizations and expands their access to external sources of financing, which is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Improvement of corporate governance remains a priority, both nationally and internationally, but they should be developed taking into account the interests of all participants. In addition to the above areas of corporate governance problems deserve further study such aspects as: strengthening state influence on the processes of corporate governance; increasing the responsibility of senior management to all shareholders; strengthening the role of auditing the management of the Corporation; forming a system of risk management and a number of other pressing issues.



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