• R.B. Kukhar
  • O.I. Yeleiko
  • N.P. Motko
  • O.I. Stepaniuk
  • І.О. Ramskyy
Keywords: information society information management information technology


The role of information factor in the system of modern management is researched and its actualization in the information oriented society is reinforced. The article analyses the main principles and approaches to definition of the information oriented society characterized by increase of the role of information and knowledge in the life of the people, growth of the share of information communications, products and services in the Gross Domestic Product, generation of the global information space. The term «nformation oriented society» is closely connected with the term «information economy», a special type of economy distinguished by having information as its determinative resource. The methods of management in the information oriented society are provided herein, in particular, the «information management» as a new management method. The entire class of information technologies of company management, such as ERP, CRM, SCM, CSRP, ERP II and so on, is described in the article.

Management as a science, with its nearly a century of intensive development, which is reflected in the relevant scientific approaches and schools. The evolution of information technology has opened a new stage of development management system by the emergence of a global information space. The formation and development of the information society and its gradual transition to the knowledge society, the growth of the role and place of information and komunikatsiynyh technologies in these processes, pospryaly that came the development of the conceptual foundations of effective proactive mechanism for drafting and decision–making, scientific theoretical and methodological provisions for the creation and implementation in practice of the mechanism, formalizing it to the level of specific economic and mathematical models and information technologies have become important objects of study domestic science.



Chornous, G.O. (2014). Proaktyvne upravlinnja social'no–ekonomichnymy systemamy na osnovi intelektual'nogo analizu danyh: metodologija i modeli. K. VPC «Kyi'vs'kyj universytet» (in Ukrainian).

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Kukhar, R., Yeleiko, O., Motko, N., Stepaniuk, O., & RamskyyІ. (2016). CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF MODERN MANAGEMENT IN THE INFORMATION ORIENTED SOCIETY. Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies. Series Economical Sciences, 18(2), 87-91.
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