• R.М. Мyniv Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
  • О.Y. Batyk Lviv National Agrarian University, Volodymyr Velykyi Str., 1, Dubliany, Lviv, 80381
Keywords: conception, management, efficiency, activity, conception of Business Performance Management (BPM), conception of Balanced Scorecard (BSC)


In the article modern conceptions of management activity efficiency are analysed with the purpose of their adaptation to application in the conditions of Ukraine’s agricultural enterprises. In the modern terms of development more distribution and application of modern management activity conceptions of agricultural enterprises efficiency with the purpose of their adaptation to application in the conditions of world economy globalization, by the increase dynamic of market environment strengthening and competition in Ukraine.The most perspective conceptions are selected and investigational, namely conception of Business Performance Management (BPM) and Balanced of Scorecard (BSC), what would allow to transform the put strategies and aims in the row of actions which would provide their achievement; to integrate the analysis of the systems of activity efficiency in modern management decisions.BPM is directed on optimization of strategy realization and consists a set of computer–integrated cyclical and analytical processes, supported the proper technologies and relate both to financial and to operating, information and allows agricultural enterprises to determine, measure and manage efficiency of their activity, directed on achievement of strategic purposes.

BSC is the system which translates a mission and general strategy of agricultural enterprises in the system of the expressly put aims and tasks, and also indexes which determine the degree of achievement of these settings. It provides reverse сonnection between internal business environment and by external indexes, necessary for the increase of strategic efficiency achievement of results. Conceptions of Business Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard are the result of evolution of both management administrative theory and information technologies. They are absorbed for itself both actual administrative principles and modern technologies of agricultural enterprises efficiency management.



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Economic efficiency of production and agricultural products alteration