• L.H. Mykhalchyshyna Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Soniachna Str.,3, Vinnytsya, 21008
Keywords: stock market, investment, investors, investment appeal, financial instruments, dividends, interest, risks, securities, shares


In the article the essence of investment in securities through the study of their investment attractiveness, investment objectives and stages of implementation is considered. It is noted that economic individuals’ possibilities of investing money into securities grow with the development of the stock market which is connected with investors’ awareness of investment attractiveness of securities. It is proved that the more effective the management of the investing process, the higher the effect of investments made will be and, accordingly, positive upheaval in the development of the economy will occur faster.

Investment appeal of securities is researched through a combination of their investment qualities which in modern economic literature also may be called investment properties, characteristics or consumer properties. They are determined by investors depending on the investment purposes. For the analysis of features of investment types and the reasons of investment into securities were considered. Usually the investor independently chooses any of available ways of investment. At the same time, it is important to remember the basic rule of finance: the higher yield, the higher risk degree. Investment into various securities (shares, bonds, etc.) of the various companies gives the chance to establish acceptable risk degree for the investor.

Institutional investors, raising funds of individual investors who then put in securities of other issuers, significantly influence functioning of the security market and its activity.

The capability of institutional investors to effective redistribution of temporarily free resources is reached by assessment of possible risks and minimization of their negative consequences.



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