• N.B. Radukh Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies named after S. Gzhytskyj
Keywords: faktoring, account receivable, factor, liquidity, gross domestic product, money, financial resources


In the article maintenance of faktoring operations, their role and value, is exposed in providing of effective production and financial activity of domestic enterprises. It was determined that the greatest need for factoring calculations are small and medium enterprises, which are experiencing financial difficulties due to delayed repayment of debts and debtors limited potential sources of financing. The role of factoring is to reduce payments, accelerating the turnover and the creation of a stable financial system providing industrial and economic activity. The analysis of basic indexes which characterize the modern level of the use of faktoring is conducted. Basic tasks faktoring are selected for well–to–do efficiency of financial, economic and marketing activity. The terms of faktoring are considered for agricultural enterprises, in particular possibilities and threats. Basic attention is accented on application of factoring calculations as to the instrument of activation of sale of agricultural produce and management an account receivable. However, the high risks of factoring compared to other banking products is a major obstacle to its full development in the national market of financial services. Inadequate provision of information, poor state legislation and regulation, high cost of services and the credit risk of the difficulty in finding factor holding back the development of factoring services in Ukraine. In such circumstances, the problem is particularly relevant for search and implementation of advanced technologies to minimize risks factoring operations.



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