• O.C. Salamin Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
Keywords: service cooperatives, harvesting and marketing cooperatives, state financial support cooperatives, pseudo cooperatives, viable cooperatives


The reasons that hinder the formation and development in Ukraine agricultural service cooperatives background of such cooperatives, their possible impact on the overall level of prices for agricultural products, substantiated methods of government support cooperatives are analyzed. It is shown that the emergence of service cooperatives in the world is related to the monopolization of the procurement of products. Establishment of cooperatives and the formation of cooperative principles of marketing channels was a way to counter monopolistic low purchasing prices. No country without the creation of cooperatives only government regulation could not ensure the maintenance of parity prices for agricultural and industrial products. The effect of government support cooperatives. Organizational efforts of state governments in agriculture and direct state financial support contributed to the increase of cooperatives, but had tangible impact on the volume of services provided to cooperatives. If the state financial support is a determining factor in the creation of the cooperative, it provokes the appearance pseudo cooperatives, to create which is to provide this support. The idea of creating service cooperatives ambiguously perceived their potential shareholders – owners of private farms and farmers. Skepticism generates interference of government activities in agriculture service cooperatives issued as organizational support of cooperatives. Necessary condition for the emergence and development of viable cooperatives is to ensure their founders and members tangible benefits. It is proposed to form a cooperative basis agrarian market infrastructure, and financial state, maintaining direct to cooperatives, which offered competitive products on the international market.



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