• O.I. Stepanyuk Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies
  • M.Ya. Demchyshyn Lviv University of Trade and Economics
  • O.V. Turchenyak Lviv national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies
Keywords: bank crediting, credit, agriculture, crediting structure, econometric analysis, trend model, statistical estimation


The issue of bank crediting of agriculture enterprises in Ukraine is investigated in the article. The analysis of modern domestic scientists’ opinions of the mentioned issue is carried out. Bank crediting as an important financing source of agriculture activity is considered. The analysis of the structure of loan issuing to non–financial corporations in Ukraine by types of economic activity is carried out. The conclusion as for the fact that during the investigated period the tendency to the increase inboth credit size supplied to the agriculture and the share of these credits in the general volume supplied to non–financial corporations is drawn. The econometric analysis of credit supply dynamics to agriculture, hunting and fish–farming corporations is conducted. The trend models of linear, degree and parabolic types are built and the statistical estimation of the results is carried out.

Given undertaken studies, the current problems of financing agriculture enterprises’ activity in Ukraine taking into consideration bank crediting are found out. The relationship between the dynamics of credit share issued for the agriculturalenterprise development and the economic and political situation in Ukraine is indicated. The suggestions on the actuality and importance of issuing bank credits for financing the agriculture in Ukraine are offered. The increase in the share of state’sparticipation in financing the activity of enterprises of the agro–industrial complex of Ukraine, in particular providing repayment of bank credits is stressed.



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