• N. Fischuk Vinnitsa National Agrarian University
Keywords: methods, ways, interpretation, classification, laws, principles, graduate work, scientific category, phenomenon


Differences in the understanding of the concept of «methods» and their classification, that predetermines the relevance of the problem, are ascertained.

Methods as an attribute of any human activity and their multiversions are studied. Numerous examples of the interpretation of the term «methods of research» are given, semasiological concept of «method» in the context of scientific researches on the basis of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, scientific publications and tutorials is defined and analysed.

Binary content of research methods is assumed. The attempt of interpretation of this concept from the standpoint of practical work of the researcher, which means studying it as a phenomenon, on the one hand, and from the standpoint of theory, which means studying it as scientific category, on another hand, is made. In the first case, the methods are in direct connection with the functional elements of the study content. The method classification that is recommended for dissertation researches is offered to use while working on graduate work.

The necessity of further study of the problem of classification of research methods is demonstrated because of ambiguity of the interpretation of research methods and their classification in scientific publications.



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