• V. Chemerus Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies
  • К. Kutsab–Bonk The Bronislaw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Yaroslaw, Charnetsky Str., 16, Yaroslav, 37–500
  • М. Yankiv SU «Institute of Regional Studies named after M.I. Dolishniy NAS of Ukraine» Kozelnicka Str., 29, Lviv, 79057
Keywords: infrastructural provision, convergence, economics, rural areas, cross–border region, the Ukrainian–Polish borderland, cross–border cooperation


Article considers the main problem of economic development of rural areas bordering Ukraine in conditions of intensification cross–border cooperation with Poland. We proved that the convergence of the economy of rural areas in the Ukrainian–Polish cross–border region is an important factor in deepening integration between the two countries and an indicator of the success of European integration of Ukraine. It provides an intensification of the movement of goods and financial resources between neighboring border areas of both countries. In addition, due to convergence there is rapprochement of standards of conduct of agrarian business that creates favorable conditions for implementation of joint cross–border investment projects within the rural Ukrainian–Polish border territories.

The special attention is accented on the necessity of improvement of the infrastructural providing of rural Ukrainian–Polish cross–border region. We substantiated that modernization of infrastructure has a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of the use of potential of rural territories of Ukraine in conditions of cross–border cooperation with Poland. The attention is focused on the relevance of the innovation development of border, transport and logistics, information and marketing infrastructure, especially due to the economic challenges generated by the current stage of European integration. We have proved that especially great importance in terms of spread convergence in Ukrainian–Polish cross–border region today acquires the development of institutional infrastructure that provides rooting of new forms of economic integration between the subjects of the agrarian market.

We have proposed measures focused on the priority infrastructure development in rural areas in the Ukrainian–Polish cross–border region. In particular, in order to stimulate convergence processes between rural areas bordering Ukraine and Poland it is suggested to implement a number of measures related to modernization of transport communications, including the development of transport and logistics centers, improve the level of information support in rural areas in the border regions of Ukraine, especially on the basis of improving access to the Internet and mobile communications, and stimulate processes of agricultural cooperation and adjustment modern forms of cross–border economic interactions between economic entities of agrarian economics, localized on both sides of the border.



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