• B. Havdjo Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyj
  • V. Shekelj Advocate association of Ukraine (department in Lviv region)
Keywords: God, the Church, the Constitution of Ukraine, the people, the freedom of conscience and religion


It is well known that the Constitution as the basic law of many democratic countries where they are accepted and act, define the main principles of the relations between the state, both managerial and legal foundation of the Church. Under the word the Church we understand t not the religious cult building, not church or several churches, but association or the congregation of people, having common vision of deep spirituality, faith in the Lord God and are guided by acknowledged precepts. Management processes that are relevant to the aforementioned that are directly related to the above mentioned, engaged by priests according to their hierarchy. Because, the Church as opposed to the state does not have the specifically defined territory and the location of its members and its activities beyond the state, it is obvious the fact, it comes under the jurisdiction of national law in the case of territorial distribution of its property, members and organizations that are required to adhere its requirements. National legislation should provide all the legal conditions of Church activity and its organizations without violating the rights of other religious organizations. It is also necessary to create a legal mechanism of mutual and partnership, which should provide the recognition of the Church by the state, as a special independent and separate subject and their own legal consequences. The very same realization of these relationships can be expressed in the form of agreement between the State and the Church. This will not only align these institutions in their status, but give such an international treaty act, which is equivalent to the national legislation.

With this article we want attract public attention to the problem of relations between state Ukraine and the Church. Our desire is caused by the desire to propose draft amendments to the Basic Law of Ukraine and from our point of view, relevance argument to maturity of society.



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