• V.Ya. Prysyazhnyuk Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S.Z. Gzhytskyi
Keywords: folk medicine, illness, farrier, shepherds, medical measures, surgeons, barbers, diagnostics, veterinary service, animals, epizootic


Veterinary medicine in ancient times in Ukraine was a purely empirical or folk practices. Even in those days it was allocated separate groups among people, specializing in the treatment of wounds, throwing blood, help with genera, fractures of extremities etc. The growing population and animals caused an increase in demand for medical care, that in turn has contributed provision out a number of people for whom medical business was the main profession. The peculiar veterinary service existed with stud farms, the riders military units – castraters, blacksmiths, bleeders. Preparation of animals doctor in Europe, and hence in Ukraine for a long time was at the blacksmiths shops.

Diagnosis of diseases at that time was based mainly on using only their senses: it was investigated the movement of animals, body temperature, eye color, condition of the tongue, nasal mirror, mouth and nasal cavity, removing sweat, urine, breath, nostrils and so on. In countries that were under the care of Austria, Hungary, Poland and other countries of Western Europe, has acted veterinary service structure of relevant states. Already in the XУI – XУIII centuries laws have been enacted and the measures were developed, aimed at preventing the emergence and spread of diseases (quarantine disposal of dead animals, compliance with sanitary regulations, etc.). Great attention was paid to protecting people from infectious diseases.


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