• V.P. Strokal National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
  • S.P. Palamarchuk National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: distance learning, education, technology, people, educational requirements, training, electronic database, subject matter, the material and technical base of educational institutions


The article deals with regulatory support distance learning in Ukraine, revealed the concept of "distance learning", its main advantages and highlighted some drawbacks. The basic scientific work on the introduction of educational distance learning technologies in training of students, especially teaching, advantages and disadvantages. Presented developed eLearning and results of its implementation in the educational system of distance learning on the example of the National Agricultural University of Ukraine. Considered electronic educational materials in the form of electronic textbook hyperlinked item plan for the section of the guide. The level of knowledge in the students studied the system E–learning platform. During the test, students were significantly higher results than students who studied the normal curriculum (without using e–learning course). Deals with the application of information technology tools, information and communication and distance technologies to study e–learning courses on the subject «Environmental certification areas and businesses», which allowed students to better learn the knowledge of theoretical material (as the e–course contains many auxiliary visual material), gain practical skills with an environmental certification of various sectors of аgriculture.



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