• T. Kudla Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S. Z. Gzhytskyj, Lviv.
Keywords: marketing, marketing principles, cost of production, market conditions, marketing management system, costs of management, management accounting, cost optimization, market potential


The article analyzes the marketing principles of formation of production costs in agricultural enterprises. The main areas of potential efficiency of enterprises at the expense of agricultural marketing.

Problems of rational use of resources, directing them to manufacture certain products, optimizing the associated production costs in the marketing activities are central. In agriculture, the importance of related problems increase by volatility of  market conditions, substantial changes in levels and ratios as prices for agricultural products, and as purchase means of production. Uncertainty and risk are inherent in market conditions and market specific factors of perfect competition, which are agricultural producers, quantitatively and qualitatively narrow set of tools that have cardinal influence. The formation and development of market economy in Ukraine in conditions unsettled state of  key macroeconomic mechanisms forcing farms to work in a changeable, uncontrolled environment with a high level of uncertainty and risk. The main way to improve the financial position of agricultural organizations is to reduce production costs. Unfortunately, this procedure is quite complicated and requires serious economical  grounding and operates a significant amount of information.


Author Biography

T. Kudla, Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies named after S. Z. Gzhytskyj, Lviv.

graduate student


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Economic efficiency of production and agricultural products alteration