• S. Sendetska Lviv National University of The Veterinary Medicine And Biotechnologies
Keywords: competitiveness, exports, international trade, foreign markets, the World Bank, the index of logistics, institutional environment for trade, economic policies, cluster


Present article observes the main factors affecting the competitiveness of Ukrainian exports. The factors of competitiveness are divided into three main blocs:

- the creation of incentives;

- reduction of costs that are related to trade;

- overcoming the inefficiencies of the market and state regulation.

It is proved that the reduction of costs associated with trade is an important component of competitive exports. There are also regarded the main indicators of Ukrainian economic openness to the international trade in 2014 comparatively to the same indicators of the States of the CIS. The indicators of Ukrainian institutional environment for trade are showed in the dynamics. The main problems of Ukrainian exporters are identified and also the actions of the World Bank concerning encouragement of the Ukrainian goods export as the driving force of economic growth and overcoming the crisis. Some suggestions are made to improve the competitiveness of exports from Ukraine. The importance of a unified state policy in this sphere is specified.


Author Biography

S. Sendetska, Lviv National University of The Veterinary Medicine And Biotechnologies
PhD in Economics, docent


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