Internet-communications in business digitalization strategies of services enterprises

Keywords: Internet-communications, digitalization of business, strategies, sphere of services, marketing.


Digitalization of business in the sphere of services is proved to create new terms, forms and technologies of services rendering and to strengthen the enterprise competitive position, while undue considering the actual tendencies in strategies of Internet-communications development can bring the business of rendering the services of certain type to end in failure. The acceleration of processes of electronization of relations between suppliers and consumers of services is illustrated. Advantages of digital communications over the traditional ones are stated. These advantages are: freedom from territorial limitations for distribution of communication messages, considerably less charges per contact, possibility of feed-back, possibility of real-time monitoring of effeciency of every communication event, easy access of consumers to information regardless of time and place of the consumers residence.Dividing of facilities of Internet-communications into groups by possibility of applying them by the enterprises of service business is carried out. The actual trends of Internet-communications are analysed. It is shown that strategic prospects of chat-bot usage is predetermined by possibility to provide information and communication in 24/7 mode, by the comfort for a client as well as by the considerable economy of resources. Significance for Internet-communications of such trends as expansion of application of vocal search, complemented and virtual reality, and orientation on mobile devices with geotargetting is emphasized. The importance of business processes automation and of speeding-up the web-site loading is illustrated. The modern Internet user mainly gives preference to viewing the video data instead of re-reading the texts what makes investing in development of creative video-content to be very promising. As potential consumers give more credence to the content created by actual consumers, stimulating the users of services to express their opinions and ideas, to place the photo- and video data as well as systematic elimination of the defects indicated in reviews become important direction of Internet-communications development. The native advertising in the Internet and providing of transparency of enterprises-service providers for the real and potential clients gain in significance. It is reasoned that the enterprises of service business must take into account in their marketing strategies the objective trends related to the development of digital technologies as well as to the modern features of exceptionally communicative influence on clients; prerequisites for strengthening of this influence are created by possibilities of the Internet use.


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