Cooperative activity of Ivan Porytko from rogatin

Keywords: Ivan Porytko, cooperation, cooperative movement, “Rural host”, formation of cooperatives.


The article highlighted the thick layer of activity of those co-operators, which ensure the implementation of theoretical developments of cooperation in the practical actions of business entities. At one of the numerous group of cooperative figures, namely: on the cooperative activity of Ivan Porytka attention was paid to the research process on the chosen topic of publication. In this article, the presentation of the research results is conducted in a certain logical sequence. The introduction substantiates the relevance of the chosen theme, its importance for further development of the cooperative movement in various spheres of social relations. Particular attention is paid to the activities of those cooperators who introduced theoretical developments into the practice of business entities. Each person in one or another kind of activity is characterized by a whole complex of both general and personal attributes that are inherent to it. These are, first of all, periods of birth, education and first steps of activities. Specific features of their implementation in the life of I. Porytka are reflected in table 1. Further activity of the person under study, which began at the beginning of the 20th century on the cooperative field, is reflected in the materials of table 2 and partly in table 3. Here, in the specified forms, all of what I. Porytko practically practiced during the interwar period is represented. His activities were multifaceted and fruitful, which materialized in the creation of cooperatives. He acted not in himself, but in constant cooperation with his associates, representatives of the clergy, and others like that. All this in the complex provided success in the development of cooperation.


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