Algorithm of rations calculation of animals feeding and areas of green crops sowing

Keywords: mathematical model, algorithm of calculations, ration of animals feeding, area of sowing of green crops, feed data base.


The most important factor of realization of genetic potential of animals is  a  valuable feeding.  Considerable attention is today spared to this problem and are conducted many researches of the rationssent to perfection of structure taking into account the physiological features of animals digestion. The process of rations calculation of animals feeding includes the need in public work with plenty of certificate information: by tabular data about content of nutritives, macro- and microelements, vitamins in each type of feed, by the results of lab tests of forage, requirements in the nutritives of animals of different sexual-age-old groups. Work is considerably simplified, if all this information is kept in memory  of computer as a corresponding base. A  standard database contains certificate information about the content of nutritives, macro- and microelements, vitamins, and other in every type of feed in accordance with average data for a corresponding region or zone of agriculture. Such information is conditionally-permanent, as properties of soil and natural and climatic conditions for a concrete region change very slowly. At the rations calculation of agricultural animals feeding and poultry bird it is necessary to have operative information about the real content in corresponding forage all those substances after that there will be a balanced ration. Depending on weather conditions the quality of the used seed, amount and added fertilizer conditions and expiration of forage date the real content of nutritives in every  feed candiffer from a standard for this region. So before of calculations, it is necessary to amend changes in the table of  database that will be directly used in calculations. With the aim of maintenance of standard information such calculations should be performed with the use of some copy of standard database in which should make such changes. An algorithm is offered for realization of calculation of rations of feeding of agricultural animals together with determination of areas of sowing of corresponding greencrops on the basis of the worked out mathematical model but methodology of realization of this algorithm by facilities of tabular processor of Excel.


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