Ways of improvement of development of separate organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship activity in the agricultural sector

Keywords: agriculture, entrepreneurial activity, agrarian production, market, aspects of development of organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity, agrarian sector of economy.


One of the most important directions in this context is the problems of organizational and legal forms of development of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture. Effective development of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture is hindered by poor adaptation to market conditions and low investment attractiveness of agrarian production and economic formations, unsystematic and dispersed revenues for modernization of production activities, insufficient state support, imperfection of the organizational and economic mechanism for managing the development of various organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurial activity activities in the agrarian sector. In the historical aspect of the development of entrepreneurial activity there are the following forms: private farms, individual holdings, households, peasant farms, private and state agricultural enterprises, collective farms, in particular peasant unions, agricultural companies, inter-farm enterprises and associations, of various kinds and types societies that are divided in form of association and level of responsibility. The most important of these, which have become accustomed and function in agriculture, are agricultural enterprises, in particular private ones, and households. However, today the state of development of entrepreneurial activity in the agroindustrial complex remains rather complicated and requires complex comprehensive reforms, the main role of which should be owned by the state. That is why among the objects of state regulation a special place should occupy the agrarian sector of the economy and the forms of entrepreneurial activity, in particular the agrarian market and the formation of its infrastructure, which is conditioned by the state regulation. The main problems of the agrarian sector development include the low efficiency of agricultural production and the problem of deformation of price proportions, the solution of which is directly related to the perfection of the infrastructure and mechanisms for regulating the agricultural market. The process of establishing enterprises on the basis of co-operation and their integration with processing enterprises will reflect the interests of agricultural producers and promote their stable and efficient development. The most effective form of co-operation is production, sales and service cooperatives, created on the basis of cooperation of shares and natural forage lands, fixed assets, livestock of animals that unite agricultural producers, households, purchasers, enterprises of the processing industry, various catering enterprises, institutions and organizations. Co-operation, by its very nature, is an economic and voluntary phenomenon. Integration is the next stage of effective economic forms of cooperation among the participants in the agrarian market.


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