Digital marketing instrument in the conditions of development of the informational economy

Keywords: marketing tools, marketing mix, interactive marketing, digital marketing, ambient media, crazy PR, storytelling, inbound marketing, tryvertising, sensitive marketing, identity marketing, shockvertising.


The evolution of marketing, large volumes of data, analytics and the enormous growth of advertising in the consumer information space, have led to a global transformation of marketing functions. Today, marketing, retaining its functional tools, is changing and modifying. Marketing systems primarily focus on understanding the process of shaping consumer decisions. Given that people spend most of their time in the digital world, marketers should work in it as effectively. It is difficult to imagine the successful operation of any enterprise without a well-established marketing activity. In a modern economy, the question of the role of marketing in the enterprise is acute. Manufacturers, trying to sell their goods intensively use all marketing tools, in particular – advertising. Aggravating competition in most markets requires the formation of mobile marketing systems of the enterprise. The basis of modern society is the rapidly growing network of electronic knowledge and tools that covers manufacturers, suppliers, sellers, buyers and users of information in electronic form. The experience of recent years shows that traditional unified marketing techniques no longer work with the expected effect, so new creative ways to promote a product or service to the market should be introduced into the marketing system in order to meet the needs of an overly demanding consumer. Each year, technology is moving forward, new trends are gaining momentum, affecting all the schemes that people make business in the digital world. And in order to be ahead of competitors, or even simply to “stay in the game”, you need to learn how to work with new tools, track trends and be flexible enough to adapt to these changes.


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