State and trends of market development agricultural insurance of Ukraine

Keywords: insurance of agricultural crops, agrarian insurance, underwriting year, insurance premiums, insurance payments.


The state of the agrarian insurance market in Ukraine is analyzed. The data of insurance of crops in the period from 2005 to 2018 are given. Compares the indicators of 2018 underwriting year to the indicators of previous years: the number of concluded contracts, the size of the insured sown area, the sum of insurance contracts, insurance premiums, insurance payments and the number of types of insured crops. The trend of use of combined insurance protection is monitored: insurance against total death during the period of hibernation plus spring frosts. It was determined that the reason for a sharp increase in the conclusion of contracts for animal insurance in 2018 underwriting year is the conclusion of contracts with individuals. The essence and necessity of agrarian insurance for agricultural commodity producers are determined. The role of the state in the process of organization of agrarian insurance in Ukraine is determined. Participation of the state in support of agricultural risk insurance is dictated, on the one hand, by the uniqueness of agricultural risks, and, on the other hand, the need to make financial assistance to the state of agriculture targeted and targeted. It has been determined that due to lack of budget funds and for a number of other objective reasons, the government has refused to finance the previously introduced subsidized agricultural insurance program. Therefore, the state lost the opportunity to influence the market of agrarian insurance. The general level of development of insurance of agricultural risks at the present stage is investigated and the main reasons for the reluctance of agricultural enterprises to conclude insurance contracts for the safeguarding of their crops and future yields from possible risks are identified. Among these reasons are: high level of distrust of agricultural producers to insurers and low awareness of the general mechanism of agrarian insurance. Defined tasks that need to be done to increase the interaction between insurers and insurers in the agrarian insurance sector. The issues of cooperation of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food with the IFC Project Development of Financing of the Agrarian Sector in Europe and Central Asia, which is aimed at establishing a constructive dialogue with the insurers, is disclosed. The given recommendations on introduction of an agrarian insurance pool in Ukraine.


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