Market-oriented model of organization of agricultural services, non-profit cooperatives for the use of dairy resources

Keywords: cooperation model, organization, service, nonprofit cooperatives.


The strategic goal of economic and social policy in the countryside should be to ensure an integrated multifunctional development of communities, which would increase their role not only in the development of agricultural production, but also in other types of labor activities, and also, which is very important, to ensure a favorable environment for their living. Thus, the strategic foundation of this solution is the development of the productive forces of each rural community. Therefore, the orientation of the rural communities, especially the united ones, to its own resources and opportunities is the strategic basis for the revival of the Ukrainian peasantry, and given the amount of unemployed population living in rural areas today, it has a rational content. In this context, state aid could take part in the development of a Comprehensive rural development program and the revival of the peasantry, with regard to possibilities of each community, based on the new economic policy, the basis and strategic base of which should be mass co-operative movement. Due to the association of small rural producers, their contribution to the production of gross agricultural products will be significantly appreciable, so effective assistance to power structures of all levels, especially legal ones, could actually, in a short period of time, affect the increase in the profitability of their management, the creation of acceptable social conditions, improving their social protection, adapting and raising awareness of the latest technological solutions to increase their own production of cheap and quality products, as well as what is extremely important today is the improvement of the well-being of the peasants. A comprehensive, consolidated combination of the concrete efforts of the state and the resources that the rural population still possesses, in the name of its new territorial communities, under certain conditions, could become a major driving force in ensuring the systematic development and revival of the Ukrainian peasantry, which is one of the most important foundations of its existence. The modern village really needs development, and this development financial, organizational, systemic and other forms of support. That is, there is a need for a coherent and systemic village development policy, or, as they call it European researchers, rural development policy, in our today's sense, as well as united territorial communities. Against the backdrop of a sharp rise in energy prices, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, feed, services, etc., low purchase prices, the lack of stable and reliable sales channels makes its production extremely ineffective. Solving similar issues in Ukraine is possible only with the state support for the development of agricultural servicing cooperatives as an important factor, increasing the competitiveness of private farms and individuals who are engaged in agricultural production, improving their socio-economic status and expanding their employment. The development of cooperation is a logical stage in the development of a market economy system in agriculture and one of the ways of integrated development of rural united communities. In particular, the success of rural cooperatives in Galicia in the first half of the 20th century showed a high level of adaptability of local economic traditions to European culture of agricultural production and successful agricultural business. This, extremely important for today's conditions, the experience of the survival of the Galician village until 1939, as well as the Ukrainian community abroad, showed that only uniting all the patriotic forces of the Ukrainian community and channeling their efforts to revive a solid, highly organized under the state guardianship and protection of the cooperative movement, will enable in the coming years to ensure sustainable development of rural communities and to solve problems of food security of the state.


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