Technology of management of economic potential of the enterprise

Keywords: enterprise, management, potential, external environment, efficiency, competitiveness


In the context of quality transformations of the economy and of the whole system of social relations, the problem of effective potential management becomes especially urgent. It is naturally linked to the main tasks facing the modern enterprise, and is a significant component of the efficiency of economic activity. The article highlights the importance of this research, because nowadays national companies have to resolve the contradictions caused by the imperfection of structural relations. There is a high degree of deterioration of equipment, lack of own financial resources, unavailability of loans due to high fees for their provision, low purchasing power constrains the demand for manufactured products. In the current situation, businesses are looking for internal opportunities, optimizing their use. It is noted that the problem of effective utilization of potential takes the leading place. Determination of the managed factors influencing on activity of the enterprise depends on the solution of this problem, making recommendations on their restructuring, improvement of the internal structure and management mechanism. In order to achieve the results, the manager must first of all know the essence of the economic potential of the enterprise. The economic potential of the enterprise, as synthetic characteristics of resource capabilities of different nature, determines the final results of production and commercial activity and their specific forms. In particular, taking into account the existing potential of the enterprise, major management decisions that were developed and made, restructuring of production and improvement of management mechanisms is carried out. Therefore, the author of the article argues that the effective use of the potential of the enterprise increases the competitiveness of products, which is especially relevant for national producers in terms of entry into foreign markets and transition of the national economy from the seller's market to the buyer's market. It is proved that, by actively using the accumulated experience, the modern enterprise can increase the efficiency of its activity. The result is achieved by activating the existing internal capabilities, significantly changing the existing strategy, reorganising and creating an effective management system, active management in the enterprise.


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