Features of functioning of the marketing system of rural territories of the border region at the present stage of European integration of Ukraine

Keywords: marketing, rural territories, European integration, local self-government, border region, economic development


The article investigates the development of marketing of rural areas of the border region in which the main socio-economic and integration processes affecting the functioning of the rural economy are taking place. Priority attention is paid to actualization of marketing issues in the activities of local self-government bodies of rural communities of Ukraine in the context of the new challenges of European integration. The main components of the marketing system of the rural areas of the frontier region are outlined, which should be focused in the process of adaptation of the institutional environment of Ukraine to the institutional standards of the EU: social and economic potential of the rural territory, contractors (subjects of economic activity), markets (agrarian, financial, labor resources, etc.), intermediaries (public authorities and local self-government, educational institutions and scientific institutions, public organizations, etc.), competitors (rural areas of other regions gions, including neighboring border regions of the EU member states) and contact points (potential investors, media, political parties and movements, etc.). The specifics of the formation and development of the marketing system of the rural territories of the border region are investigated. In particular, based on the application of the cluster analysis method, four main types of rural areas in the Lviv Oblast (clusters) were identified, for each of them there is an own model of optimal development of the marketing system: a cluster of high investment attractiveness; satellite-transit cluster; agrarian cluster; conditional peripheral cluster. It was revealed that the main problems that restrict the development of marketing of rural areas in each of the four types of clusters mentioned above, as in the Lviv region, as well as in other border regions of the EU with the regions of Ukraine, are: low level of financial capacity of local self-government bodies of rural communities, The number is due to the small number of their population, small-scale agricultural production, which is carried out mainly in private peasant farms, as well as the presence of a number of socio-psychological problems caused by poverty of the rural population, its social apathy and pessimism. The key barriers to be addressed include: under-financing of the rural marketing sector as a whole and the lack of attention given to its development by the heads of local government bodies of rural communities; low quality of human and social capital of the village, generated by the outflow of skilled personnel in the city and abroad; the lack of modern marketing, transport and logistics and engineering infrastructure, which complicates the formation of a positive image of rural areas and the attraction of foreign capital and investment resources in their development; demotivation of business entities for the introduction of innovations and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with territorial communities, which makes it impossible to effectively implement public-private partnership projects at the local level.


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