Some aspects of the development of management science in Ukraine

Keywords: management science, development, research, management, results, administrative command system, re-forms


The article studies the development of managerial science in Ukraine over a long historical period. Special attention was paid to the development of this field of knowledge in the XX century. In the process of research, the main focus is on the achievements of those researchers who conducted the study and establishment of certain laws of management science development in Ukraine, and their research results are reflected in the educational literature, which is widely used in the training of professionals in both management and other professional-oriented specialists in various fields of activity. Such symbiosis in combining the results of research and bringing them to the training of student youth allows to carry out their teaching in the basics of managerial science most effectively and efficiently. The presentation of the material is carried out in a logical sequence using the dialog method of research. The results of the studies are presented in tabular form, which allowed them to clarify in detail and increase their level of perception both by those who study and research the development of management science, and those who show some interest in its functioning.


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