Use of MS ACCESS at creation a feed database of agricultural animals

Keywords: forage, electronic database, MS ACСESS, structure of base, search for information, system of queries.


At forming the rations of animals feeding of there is arequirement in bulky work with plenty of certificate information: by data about content of nutritives in every type of feed, results of laboratory analysis of forage, requirements in the nutritives of animals of different sexual-age-old groups of animals. Work is considerably simplified, if all this information is kept in memory of computer as a corresponding database. Thus there is a problem of development of rational structure of such database and presence of effective methodology of work with it. The vast majority of the computer programs for the calculation of rations of feeding the animals is worked out for the environment of tabular processor of Excel, and that is why a database about forage and norms of animals feeding is mostly created by means of totality of spread sheets. However, as considerable part of information in industry of stock-raising is kept as totality of bases of the specialists of different profiles, that is worked out by facilities of MS ACCESS, given in computers, there is a requirement of creation of base of the rations of animals feeding given for a calculation in the same environment. The article deals with the rational structure of data base of food for agricultural animals as tables of ACCESS, and also methodology of creation of the system for search for information database on the set criteria.


Kozii, B., Kravtsiv, R., Kyryliv, Ya., & Pankiv, I. (2001). Rozrakhunky u tvarynnytstvi zasobamy tablychnoho protsesora Excel. L.: TeRus na zamovlennia “Triada-plius” (in Ukrainian).

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