Management functions: their unity and interdependence in the processes of activity

Keywords: management functions, general and specific management functions, managerial activity, public relations, dialectic, interconnection


In the article the detailed functions of management are investigated both in the general interpretation and in the context of their classification into general and specific. The research process takes into account the achievements of well-known researchers in this field of public relations, one of which is, Hamilton Church is shown in the epigraph to this publication, and its fruitful activities are shown in Table 1. The research materials for the selected topic are presented in a logical sequence. Thus, in particular, information on management functions and their role in different spheres of activity is shown in Table 2 (materials on the essence of basic management functions are also presented here); Table 3 provides information on specific management functions and their classification. It focuses on the features that are most used in their classification. Studies of the dialectical interrelation of general and specific management functions, their results are presented in Table 4. The answers to the questions we have formed fully reveal these interrelations. The conclusions follow from the results of the conducted research. They have some theoretical and practical significance. Implementation of the presented proposals in production conditions will increase the efficiency of management activities.


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