The problems of formation market veterinary services

  • S. I. Poperechnyi Stepan Gzhytskyi national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
  • L. V. Babych Stepan Gzhytskyi national university of veterinary medicine and biotechnologies Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: veterinary service, market of veterinary services, marketing environment, competition, private veterinary practice, state veterinary service, factors of formation of demand for veterinary services, buying behavior of consumers of veterinary services


The problems of formation of the market of veterinary services and application of the basic elements of marketing are considered. It is shown that transformation of main branches of agriculture on a market basis is combined with the initial stages of formation market of veterinary services. The factors that constrain these processes are analyzed. The main ones are difficult financial and economic situation of animals owners, the priority development of especially large entities that independently carry out all veterinary operations, the tendency of reducing the number of animals among potential customers of veterinary services. A significant influence of development of private enterprise in the field of veterinary services has a public veterinary service, which has largely monopolized the market for veterinary services. Having a well-established material base, knowledge and reputation of its specialists, in addition to measures related to controlling functions, the public service provides paid veterinary services. This complicates the efforts of private entities to develop private veterinary practices. The benefits of public service are compounded by the lack of risk of business activity. The provision of paid services is combined with public funding. The analysis of the factors of formation market demand for veterinary services, the main of which are the number and dynamics of animals owned by households, agricultural enterprises and other economic entities, the financial and economic situation of the owners of animals, their purchasing power, losses and losses of the animals owners due to the inadequate veterinary services, veterinary status of livestock breeding for infectious and invasive diseases, incidence of non-communicable diseases, opportunities for exp RTU products, the availability and accessibility of veterinary services in the market, the implementation of measures to stimulate demand for veterinary services and so on. A comparative analyze of behavior potential customers of veterinary services related to different market segments is made. The decision to order services to agricultural enterprises is made by the specialists of the enterprise, who are professionally trained, competent, as a rule, have agricultural education. This solution is characterized by a high degree of formalization that is not specific to individual animal owners. The expected trends in the development of the veterinary services market are analyzed. It is shown that the intensification of international integration processes and the elimination of non-tariff technical barriers to trade in agricultural and food products creates opportunities for increased exports of products. The latter is possible subject to proper veterinary care and the provision of a sanitary guarantee on this basis. This will encourage animal owners to order veterinary services, thus expanding the market capacity for these services.


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