Information systems and technologies in the business process management

Keywords: information, information support, information system, information technologies, management, business processes, information strategy


With the rapid development of information technologies and information economy ingeneral, effective information management determines the success of almost every business operation, and the choice of information and management decisions in general relieson IT managers. However, it is rather difficult for functional or line managers decidewhether it is important to participate in the formation of information strategy of their own business and whether they need to know what tools are available to turn a large array of information into business intelligence. This article is intended to reveal the important role of information and information resources in the activities of modern enterprises. The concepts of “data” and “information” are described. The data model and data types used by business information systems are described. The role of the database in the business process management system is revealed. It is indicated how important it is to form the information space of the enterprise correctly and choose the necessary software product for a particular enterprise. It is determined that the information system of the enterprise is based on the integrated use of potential and available information resources, taking into account their main features. The connections between the component of management systems are investigated and it is noted that the business process management system of the enterprise covers all levels of the enterprise. It is said that the enterprise may face different problems without data administration procedures. The types of information support using different levels of management are given. The internal and external information which his taken into account during making management decisions is characterized. It is proposed to invest in the management practice of developing an information strategy that significantly improves the management process and increases its efficiency. The typical structure of the proposed document and the role of information strategy regarding the levels of enterprise management are given.


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