The problems of investment support of innovative development of agriculture

Keywords: investment, foreign direct investment, capital investment, agriculture, competitiveness.


The article examines the main problems facing the development of competitive agriculture, given the dynamism of investment in the industry and investment in the current environment of increasing globalization, as the introduction of innovative products is the basis for effective development of the enterprise, region and country. The analysis of the main indicators that characterize the level of investment support of enterprises of Lviv region, in particular the volume of capital investments and the volume of foreign direct investment. The volumes of agricultural output in enterprises and households of the population, and, accordingly, the possibility of attracting investment by these categories of producers are considered. The main problems of agricultural production are characterized and the directions of intensification of investment and innovation activity are offered, taking into account the support of the state, foreign economic potential of the region, its border location and export-oriented production. Innovative development of agriculture, expanding the ways of its investment are among the factors that play a crucial role in ensuring the balanced development of the region, building strategic prospects for its economic growth, identifying internal problems and obstacles to this process, and adequately assessing the potential of local resource levels. It is considered that the priority in today's conditions is the introduction of technologies for environmentally friendly cultivation of crops and the development of organic production, development of infrastructure for storage and distribution of agricultural products by attracting investment projects. It is important for agricultural producers to adapt to international food quality and safety standards and to produce agricultural products that meet EU requirements and standards. The model of strategic goals of innovative development of agriculture is offered, which aims to promote effective optimization of agricultural production, development of production infrastructure on the basis of state assistance and support, taking into account the stimulation of investment projects and attracting foreign funds.


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